Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual and Performing Arts Department celebrates the strength of the individual artistic voices in art, intermedia arts, dance and theatre, as well as promotes the collaborative process that artists employ to make work.  

The Center for the Arts is home to the four programs which helps to promote interaction between artists. Our building is known for the activity and energy of artists creating new work.

Our classes often interconnect.

  • drawing classes visit dance classes to explore how movement is expressed through line
  • computer art students develop computer applications that interact in real-time with performers
  • actors bring their performance skills to art class presentations

Students of the various areas of art interact. Some examples of this may include:

  • a pre-architecture art major creating a performance space for and with a dance student
  • a performance artist exploring the creation of a gallery exhibit in which a performance takes place
  • art, theatre and dance students collaborating with an art faculty member in the creation of an interactive gallery exhibit)

Faculty members cross the disciplinary boundaries. For instance, 

  • cross-listed courses—preparing teachers in speech, art and theatre to enter the schools with practical skills on collaboration within the arts
  • participating in productions and exhibits by collaborating with one another

Through these connections we continue to support the interaction and cross-disciplinary approach to art, dance, theatre, and intermedia arts.


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