Our theatre students have unique opportunities to gain on-the-job training within the program.


Students have a variety of options to gain performance experience. Every year the theatre program produces many main stage plays. SPIN Theatre Company and Top Banana Improv Troupe are student-led groups that offer opportunities as well.

"My experience in the theatre program has shown me that I want to act for my career and how I can achieve that. I have taken classes to develop, hone, and practice my acting. I have grown as an actor and a person because of this program."

-Gillian Constable '17

Design & Production

Our program has many opportunities to learn about design and production. Students can work in the costume shop and/or scene shop to learn design skills. Many help the lighting designer hang and focus lights. Our students also assistant design, stage manage, assistant direct, or run crew.

"I worked on a main stage show as a design assistant. I provided input on the creation and distribution of costumes for the dance piece, 'Highway 57'."

-Abbey Syme '16 


Students can learn administrations skills in our program. Students work in faculty offices, production publicity, or web content and social media. Faculty members have students assist in research and classroom preparation.

"My work study is as the Web Content Manager for the department - I manage and create content for VPA websites. I believe my work study helped secure my position as the Administrative Intern for Lanesboro Arts during the summer 2014."

-Lis Athas '15

Please contact our Faculty and Staff with questions on how to prepare for a career in theatre.

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