Career Opportunities

Our theatre students have unique opportunities to gain on-the-job training by working within the department. They develop pre-professional skills in such areas as the:

  • Stage - performing in department and student organized productions
  • Costume Shop - building production costumes
  • Scene Shop - building and painting sets, hanging lights
  • SPIN Theatre Company - student directing, acting, or designing for student-led productions
  • Faculty Offices - assisting professors with administrative tasks
  • Publicity/Web Content Team - organizing publicity content for shows and managing the department website and social media presence
  • Production Team - stage managing, assistant directing, or running crew
  • Design Team - creating set, costume, sound, or lighting designs for department and student productions

After Luther, our students go on to further study in graduate school and pursue professional performance, stage management, design, and management positions.

Please feel free to visit with our faculty members if you have any questions or are seeking advice how to prepare for a career in theatre.

Student Perspectives

View our Spolight on Alumni articles to hear from former students.

Abbey Syme '16 | Design
"I was able to work on a main stage show as a sophomore as a design assistant to Lisa Lantz. I attended rehearsals and production meetings and provided input on the creation and distribution of costumes for the dance piece Highway 57. It was great to work with professors on a Luther production and their support through the process helped me to get experience in what the duties of the field are outside of the classroom, without doing a full internship. It helped strengthen my relationship with professors and the professor to student encouragement is really incredible."