Our theatre students have unique opportunities to gain on-the-job training by working within the department. They develop pre-professional skills in such areas as the:

  • Stage - performing in department and student organized productions
  • Costume Shop - building production costumes
  • Scene Shop - building and painting sets, hanging lights
  • SPIN Theatre Company and Top Banana Improv Troupe - student improv, directing, acting, or designing for student-led productions
  • Faculty Offices - assisting professors with administrative tasks
  • Publicity/Web Content Team - organizing publicity content for shows and managing the department website and social media presence
  • Production Team - stage managing, assistant directing, or running crew
  • Design Team - creating set, costume, sound, or lighting designs for department and student productions

After Luther, our students go on to further study in graduate school and pursue professional performance, stage management, design, and management positions.

Please feel free to visit with our faculty members if you have any questions or are seeking advice on how to prepare for a career in theatre.

Student Perspectives

View our Alumni Profiles articles to hear from former students.

Abbey Syme '16 | Designer
"I was able to work on a main stage show as a sophomore as a design assistant to Lisa Lantz. I attended rehearsals and production meetings and provided input on the creation and distribution of costumes for the dance piece Highway 57.
I also got to explore designing in a totally new medium with A Thread in the Dark. I was the puppet designer for the show and used lighting gels for the projections and created the Minotaur head with foam. It was another incredible experience working with production members and being able to put in my creative ideas to a main stage show. The director Ylfa Muindi was great to work with, she gave me a lot of creative liberty in what the projections would look like and also gave guidance when I needed it."

Tim Komatsu '15 | Actor
"My experiences with the Luther Theatre Department and SPIN Theatre have opened my eyes to all the opportunities that theatre has to offer beyond acting. All of my theatrical experiences in high school were related to acting, but at Luther I have been able to not only learn more about acting, but also work in the scene shop, direct, design, and have been able to learn about dramaturgy. These skills will be invaluable as I leave Luther." 

Maggie Sulentic '16 | Actor
"Through my work with the Luther College Theatre Department and SPIN Theatre my career goals have evolved immensely. I no longer want only to act but to create entire theatrical experiences.When I directed Lysistrata [with SPIN Theatre] it made me want to pursue collaborative theatre because of how fun and rewarding it was to build a piece from the ground up with my friends. The main stage shows always show me new ways to perform and create, like the shadow puppets in "A Thread in the Dark" or the outdoor set in "Much Ado About Nothing," and these new ideas are constantly molding my career goals and what type of theatre I want to create."

Lis Athas '15 | Manager
"My work study is as the Web Content Manager for the department - I manage and create content for all web sites falling under Visual and Performing Arts Department (including email and social media presence). I'm the first student to hold this work study position and I was hired on the recommendation of the faculty as a sophomore. I feel honored that the faculty saw my potential and now I get to lay the ground for this new position. One of the best things about it that I get to meet with faculty members and translate their ideas into realized products (like this website!). I believe my work study is the key feature on my resume and helped me secure my position as the Administrative Intern for Lanesboro Arts during the summer 2014."