Important Info for Moderators

First, many thanks for agreeing to be a moderator at this year’s Student Research Symposium!

Here are a few instructions:

  1. You can find the time and place of the panel you are moderating on the Symposium Schedule.
  2. Please arrive at the panel at least fifteen minutes early in order to ensure that everything is in order (e.g., find the presenters and determine how to pronounce their names correctly).
  3. Presenters are expected to have loaded presentation files onto the computer in advance. No time is provided to load files during or just prior to the panel.
  4. We would like moderators to note the number of people attending each panel using the provided form. If you prefer, you can ask a member of the audience to do a headcount.
  5. Begin the panel on time and keep the presenters on time. Do not allow any presenter to exceed the time allotted. 20-minute presentations should not be longer than 15 minutes plus 5 minutes for discussion. For longer presentations, speakers should allow 5-10 minutes for questions.
  6. Avoid allowing one questioner (especially a faculty member) to dominate; try to encourage questions from students.
  7. If no one in the audience asks questions right away, you might break the ice by asking a question yourself. You should always be prepared to do so.