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On Campus

  • Office Supplies Reuse Station

    Stop by the Office Supplies Reuse Station located in the closet across from V372F in the the Sustainability/Environmental Studies office suite in the upper level of Valders from 8am-5pm, Monday through Friday, to drop off and pick up used supplies. It's a simple, free, sustainable way to get rid of the supplies you no longer need and find the supplies you want.
  • Hanging Waste Baskets

    The Hanging Waste Basket presents an opportunity for staff and faculty to reduce their waste.
  • Print Management System

    GoPrint has been implemented as part of a campus-wide effort to reduce paper waste and rising costs. In the past, printing costs have been spread evenly over all users regardless of how much printing was done. GoPrint will enable LIS to shift the cost to those who use printing most and free funds for other purposes. Many institutions that have implemented printing systems have found that making users aware of the cost of their printing results in a significant decrease in printing, sometimes as much as 75%. Such a decrease would go a long way towards making sustainability at Luther College a reality.
  • Bargain Barn

    A reuse sale selling a variety of items no longer needed by the College. The sale takes place on select days from 5:00-7:00 PM.
  • Trash to Treasure

    Move-out days on college campuses across the country are notorious for the amount of perfectly usable, unwanted items being thrown into the trash. In the past, dumpster diving was the only method for redirecting usable items from the landfill. Luther's solution—Trash to Treasure.
  • Move-Out Waste Diversion

  • Water Bottle Reuse Station

    To reduce plastic water bottle waste on campus, 11 reusable water bottle fillers were installed in locations across campus. This has prevented thousands of water bottles from being sent to landfills!