Trash to Treasure

Visit campus shortly after students move out of residence halls in the spring and you’ll see first hand proof how much is thrown away during that last week. Dumpsters fill, get removed, and fill again.

The environmental impact of our blossoming landfills is evident. Doubly troubling is all the perfectly usable items that are unwanted and trashed. A solution to both problems—Trash to Treasure.

Students can drop off a plethora of usable items at the following locations:

Olson: Lounge next to the Service Area
Larsen: Main Lounge
Farwell: Seating Area Behind Computer Room
Miller: Ground Floor Lounge by the Kitchen
Dieseth: Ground Floor TV Lounge
Brandt: Social Lounges East & West Ground Floors
Ylvisaker: Game Room
Baker Village: Luther Trailer in Parking Lot

Norby House: Area between kitchen and hall manager's apartment

Signs with instructions regarding recycling, trash, and miscellaneous items such as food, will be located at drop off spots.

Click here for a printable poster of a sampling of the items we collect
*This year we will not be accepting TVs.

Trash to Treasure Sale Dates and Times

Items collected will be sold in the Ashmore-Jewell Barn near Luther's Baker Village. Drop off unwanted items at the nearest collection site.

2014 dates:
Friday, May 23rd  7-9:30 a.m. and 4-6 p.m.
Monday, May 26th (Memorial Day)  7 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

How it Got Started

Trash to Treasure originally began in 2004 as a partnership with a high school environmental class and Luther employee, Vicky Jaeger. For two years, this class helped run the program until Luther's football team took over. Most recently, Tim Schuring and Luther's basketball team helps Jaeger run the program. It is used as a fundraiser to support their JV team. 

How it Works

Every finals week of Spring Semester, collection rooms are designated in each residential hall for students to place unwanted, usable items. Collection rooms fill fast when students see a second life in their belongings and drop them off. Volunteers haul items to the Red Barn where they sort everything to be sold.

The Trash to Treasure flea market-style sale is open three days immediately surrounding graduation. Tons of stuff is sold to faculty, staff, students and community members. Items left over after the sale are packed up by the men's basketball team and taken to the Depot (local thrift store) or thrown in a dumpster (leftover furniture and carpet usually get thrown).

What You May Find at Trash to Treasure

You name it, and it has probably been for sale in the past five, large screen TV, bikes, clothes by the truckloads (some with tags and packaging still on), irons, ironing boards, lofts, dishes, dish strainers, puzzles, shelving, hats, scarves, socks, underwear, winter coats, long dresses, Halloween decorations, Christmas decorations, laundry baskets, shower caddies, waste baskets, rollerblades, shoes by the caseload, deer antlers, clothes racks, rugs of all kinds, beds, sheets, towels, makeup and mirrors...just to mention a few. Food that gets left behind, shampoo, and detergent are taken to the local food pantry.