Here are many ways to get involved that help initiate new habits that are better for you and the community. Consider all of these tips and share them with friends. Help Luther reduce its carbon emissions and energy use today!

Reduce Energy Use

Reduce Transportation Use

Reduce Waste

  • Buy products with little packaging, or packaging that can be recycled
  •  Don't throw away items with lots of life when you are moving out- Look for Trash to Treasure
  • Take your clothes to Decorah's consignment shops
  • Reuse a plastic container, cut small holes in its lid, and start a small room compost collection to take to the Caf once a week
  • Bring extra office supplies or find office supplies for free at the Office Supplies Reuse Station
  • Request to get rid of "stuffers" in your SPO

Change Your Habits

  • Take shorter showers
  • Print double-sided papers in Valders 377 (GIS lab), Valders 240, the Main Floor Library lab, and the Brandt Residence Hall lab. Just be sure to change the print settings after clicking 'print.'

Get Involved With Groups