Student Organizations

Just because your group is not specifically related to sustainability does not mean it can't BE sustainable!

Event Ideas

  • Have a retreat or get-to-know-you event. Try an outdoor activity such as canoeing, caving, or hiking, they are great bonding experiences! Click here to coordinate an event.
  • Partner with Sustainability for an event you are hosting
  • Talk to ECO about partnering for an event

Energy Reduction

  • Have your meetings in a place where the lights will already be on to save electricity or watch a relevant movie and turn off the lights!


  • Sustainability Grant Fund: this is a great way to acquire funds for a project that are environmentally responsible, economically beneficial, and socially sensible.

Waste Reduction

  • Distribute meeting notes/agendas online through GoogleDocs or email
  • Have recycling/compost bins at your next event! To get event recycling bins:
    • Place a work order (fixit request) for Recycling:
      The person placing the work order will want to indicate the following:
      1) Date, time, location of event
      2) How many of each bin they would like
      **Bins to collect the following are available: Paper, Plastic/Metal, Compost
    • Or Contact Erika Kambs: