Internship Stories

Liam Fraser

Liam FraserWhen: Summer 2017
Where: Iowa Interfaith Power and Light in Decorah, Iowa
Major: Environmental Studies

Liam organized a clean energy tour around Decorah and promoted clean energy with the help of local leaders, during his summer internship with Iowa Interfaith Power and Light in Decorah, Iowa. Two local congregations hosted tour stops where Fraser helped highlight their efficiency and clean energy investments. He also organized meetings with local energy leaders to discuss possible involvement in the project. Liam learned how unifying the topic of energy can be in a small community like Decorah. "Everyone relies on energy to go about their days, so determining ways to improve efficiency often brings people together…[t]his internship allowed me to become more comfortable reaching out to various community members and marketing an event to a specific target audience," he said. Upon graduation, Liam will look into working for organizations such as Iowa Interfaith Power and Light or the Winneshiek Energy District. He believes developing community clean energy should be a national priority. The experience he has gained has inspired him to consider applying for graduate school.

Meghan Barker

Meghan Barker spent her summer interning with The Wilderness Society in Washington, D.C., learning about environmental policies.When: Summer 2016
Where: The Wilderness Society, Washington, D.C.
Majors: Political Science, Environmental Studies

Over the summer, Meghan interned at The Wilderness Society in Washington, D.C. She attended Congressional hearings and learned about public land policies. One issue she worked on included the maintenance of national parks. This was interesting to Meghan because, the year prior, she had spent the summer of Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska. She had seen firsthand the impacts of this issue. Being able to examine environmental policies during both experiences helped Meghan understand them better. Washington, D.C. also gave her an alternative perspective from the one she had had while in Alaska. This new framework taught Meghan that it is important to have diverse experiences. Hers have continued to shape her understanding of the work that goes into preserving the environment. Meghan plans on using this knowledge to defend policies that protect public lands.

Brody Vogel

Internship Story- Brody VogelWhen: Summer 2016
Where: Project C.U.R.E., Denver, CO
Major: Statistics and Philosophy

Brody was the personal intern for Project C.U.R.E.’s head of IT and Data Management. He used his skills to improve the organization’s volunteer database with HTML. He developed a digital newsletter, cleaned up their Customer Relationship Management, and compile a monthly marketing analytics report. Going forward, Brody continues to produce a bi-monthly statistical analysis of Project C.U.R.E.'s requests for and shipments of medical supplies. He learned a lot about the small margins of non-profit organization works under. Brody gained a clear view of his hopes for the future and respect for people working in the non-profit industry.

Anna Phearman

Anna Phearman at PACER Center for her Internship.When: Summer 2016
PACER Center, Bloomington, Minnesota

Political Science and Communications

Anna worked this summer at the PACER Center, a group who advocates for children with disabilities. She wrote articles that will be featured in PACER's bullying prevention materials, completed policy research on harassment laws nationwide, helped design bullying prevention videos, and learned how to redesign blogs. Anna saw the impact of her work through the PACER around the nation, especially with people with disabilities. She realized her passion for advocacy and how fulfilling nonprofit work can be. Anna is excited to say it opened her eyes to the vast world of the nonprofit industry and how valuable they can be for the world.

Allison Meier 

Allison Meier at her internship at Brain Injury Alliance in Iowa City.

When: Summer 2016
Where: Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa, Iowa City
Major: Psychology with a Health and Fitness Promotion minor

Over the summer, Allison had an internship at the Brain Injury Alliance of Iowa in Iowa City, which allowed her to learn more about brain injuries, writing monthly newsletters, and interviewed survivors. The biggest project she worked on is a Comfort Kit for families who have a loved one in a trauma room. Allison learned how to act professionally  when talking to others as well as keep people calm. She learned organizational skills as well as ask questions when she needed help. The most rewarding part of her internship was knowing she made a difference in someone’s life everyday. This internship strengthened Allison’s passion for psychology and she feels ready to face the world.