Bargain Barn Sale

Recipient of a 2012 Second Nature Climate Leadership Award. One of eight colleges across the country to receive an "A" on the 2011 College Sustainability Report Card.

Another Luther Reuse Sale will be held on Thursday, May 2nd from 5:00to 7:00PM. The sale will take place in the Ashmore-Jewell barn, which is next to Baker Village. As a replacement of the annual Luther College auction, the reuse sale will sell a variety of items no longer needed by the College.

Inventory includes:

  • 2 file cabinets
  • 16 booths from the Miller and Dieseth lounges
  • folding chairs, some attached to desks
  • Panasonic electric marker board
  • large window/in wall AC units
  • 12 bikes
  • 2 stoves
  • shelves
  • 7 arm chairs
  • white board
  • 50 table tops from before the cafeteria remodel
  • 200 CFL chairs
  • 15 tables
  • cabinets
  • sinks
  • aluminum-framed windows
  • 5 TVs
  • 2 toilets