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Looking for approximately 5 students with an interest in working in a high-tech greenhouse. We will gladly teach plant propogation, planting, and plant care.

The specific work depends on the season worked.
Spring semester is our peak when we are running at full capacity and the students would get the best idea of what we do. We start with propogating plants by sticking cuttings in a growing media. Then we plant the rooted product into bigger containers. The plants are tended for a few weeks providing proper nutrition, space, and environmental conditions. Then we fill customer orders and ship the product to garden centers, groceries, and other retail outlets.

There aren't many summer opportunities because current staff can handle the workflow. If someone wanted an unpaid internship, we could arrange to teach the sticking of mums and poinsettias and growing some other finished product for fall. Summer is our time to assess spring and plan for next year.

Fall is devoted to shipping mums and other fall product and working with poinsettias to assure they grow in the proper form to meet industry specifications. That requires proper spacing and pinching of the plants.

Winter is for shipping the poinsettias so the student would pull customer orders and get the product packaged appropriately to withstand the conditions of winter. Depending how winter is defined, propogating young plants could be part of this experience as well as spring semester.

Offering part-time positions with up to 40 hours/week. If interested in one of these positions contact Plantpeddler at or 563-547-2162.