U-Haul Car Share Campus Brand Representative Needed

Recipient of a 2012 Second Nature Climate Leadership Award. One of eight colleges across the country to receive an "A" on the 2011 College Sustainability Report Card.

Company: U Car Share (U-Haul International)

Location:  On-campus position

Founded in 1945, today U Haul trucks and trailers can be rented from over 15,000 independent dealers and more than 1400 company-owned U-Haul Moving Centers, and we are still growing every day.

U-Haul Car Share is a membership based car rental service.  Members pay a one-time membership fee and receive a membership card in the mail.  Reservations can then be made online, where customers can choose their car and time.  Cars are parked conveniently in town or on campus for easy access.  The program is a sustainability initiative for U-Haul and is designed as an alternative option to car ownership.

Job Title:  Campus Brand Representative

Hours:  2.5 hours per vehicle per week (approx. 5-15 hours per week)

Compensation:  $10/hour plus bonuses

           $100 bonus for each vehicle that generates $1000/month

           $200 bonus for each vehicle that generates $1500/month

How to Apply: Email your resume to:

Nicole Kennedy: nicole_kennedy@uhaul.com

Position Description:  Under the direction of the Program Manager of U-Haul Car Share, the student will help promote U-Haul Car Share on campus to students, staff and faculty.  This may include attending promotional booth events on campus, directly marketing students at dorms, marketing to departments on campus and other marketing techniques as necessary.  Students must visit each vehicle at least once every other week, providing basic maintenance and cleaning.  This may include inflating flat tires, checking oil and/or calling other U-Haul personnel for assistance.  Students will provide weekly summaries of achievement, failures and plans for the following week.  

Requirements:  The successful applicant will be pursuing a marketing or business degree with a passion for entrepreneurship and the desire to run their own business.  Candidates should be self-motivated and able to work independently.  This position will provide the selected student with experience in growing and operating a small business.