Valders Hall of Science Garden

Edible landscaping project takes root

Towering sunflowers and sprawling zucchini mark the entrance to the edible landscaping project at Luther. The landscape is a small garden just outside the Valders concourse, tucked between the south side of the building and the old greenhouse. The project and its veggies are the result of a joint effort by students, faculty, and staff.

“It’s cool that it can go from us to Sustainability to the Administration to gardeners actually making it happen,” says Hecht. “It flowed from one to the other and so many people were involved. And that’s what it takes to make things work. That’s why it happened.”

“It’s a way of making food production more visible,” says McCargar of the project’s purpose. “It’s cool to have a place where people can walk by on their way to class and see this thing and wander in, pick a tomato.”