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The Veg Yourself Pledge

Pledge to Veg Yourself!

As part of a student class project, pledge to "Veg Yourself" and join Luther students, faculty, and staff in a pledge to eat vegetarian at least once a week until the end of the Spring 2012 semester. By focusing on the food groups we never eat enough of, yet are so good for our well-being, we hope this pledge will help establish healthy habits for you and the planet. When pledging to "veg yourself" consider how many days each week you can "veg" and really challenge yourself.

Sign the Pledge Here!


Consider these Facts:

Vegetarians tend to have a lower body mass index (BMI)

In the United States, more than 9 billion livestock are maintained to supply animal protein consumed in a year (the U.S. population is around 300 million), and the meat-based food system requires more energy, land, and water resources

Vegetarian diets tend to be lower in saturated fat and cholesterol, and have higher levels of dietary fiber, magnesium and potassium, vitamins C and E, folate, carotenoids, flavonoids, and other phytochemicals.

Eating more fruits and vegetables usually results in a reduced risk for chronic diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Vegetarians avoid the animal fat linked to cancer and get abundant fiber, vitamins, and phytochemicals that help to prevent cancer. In addition, blood analysis of vegetarians reveals a higher level of “natural killer cells,” specialized white blood cells that attack cancer cells.

(Information gathered from USDA, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, American Dietetic Association, and PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine))

Famous vegetarians:

 Plato, Ben Franklin (only for a short period), Gandhi, Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, Albert Einstein, Leona Lewis, John Harvey Kellogg (aka Corn Flake guy), Lisa Simpson, Carrie Underwood, Anne Hathaway, Bob Barker, Forest Whitaker, Herschel Walker



Contact if you have questions, or would like to get involved with this project.