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Growing Food Literacy


Students show their support of local foods at the zero waste picnic.
  • Cooking Classes

    Throughout the year the Center for Sustainable Communities offers a wide range of cooking classes on campus.
  • Gardening Classes

    Whether you are thinking about starting your first garden or you’ve been gardening for years, these classes are for you.
  • CSA Reimbursement Program

    Learn more about Community Supported Agriculture and how Luther will help you get involved.
  • Student Farm Assessments

    The student farm assessment program works to connect Luther students with the farmers producing their food. Students meet producers and ask questions about production methods and farming techniques.
  • Campus Food Committees

    Campus food committees are one way that Luther faculty, staff and students can engage in dialog about sustainable food.
  • Classes and Conversations

    As an educational institution we value the pursuit of knowledge, idea sharing and opportunities for expanded horizons. To that end, we are beginning to offer more food-based educational opportunities for faculty, staff and students.
  • Student Research

    What are Luther students researching about food?
  • Local Food Immersion Experience

    The Local Foods Immersion Trip is designed to show incoming first-years the beauty of Decorah and the surrounding areas.
  • Fun Food Events

    A compilation of fun food events happening at Luther.