Low Oaks Farm

Low Oaks Farm is a small certified organic farm located in northeast Iowa, 30 miles southwest of Decorah. We grow a wide assortment of vegetables, flowers, and herbs using sustainable and chemical free growing practices.  We whole heartedly believe that happy people & communities start with healthy food and an unpolluted environment. 

Our farm is comprised of one acre of vegetables, a colony of bees, a herd of sheep, and a flock of laying hens, all working in unison to create a well balanced and productive farm ecosystem.

At Low Oaks Farm, we have the privilege of living and farming on long-held family land. We feel a strong sense of responsibility as caretakers of this land and are commited to it's present and future health.  We are also committed to the health of the people and communities around us, the work we do, and the ripple effect it has on those people and communities.  

CSA Offerings

Personal Share ($200): This share will likely feed just one person, will always come in a 1/2 bushel box, and may include fewer types of vegetables than the standard and large share sizes. For example, if a standard share received: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, dill, carrots, beans, and chard, a personal sized share may only receive: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. 

Standard Share ($400): This share will feed 1-4 people. This is not a very specific number because it really depends on how many vegetables each person eats. An individual with a plant based diet could easily go through this share size as well as a family of 4 that doesn't eat as much vegetables... and all points in between.

Large Share ($550): This share will feed 2-5 people. This share size is considerably larger than our standard size share. It could accomodate a couple with a primarily plant based diet as well as a family of 5 that doesn't eat as many vegetables.

Our CSA season will run for 20 weeks.  The most likely dates are June 7th - Oct. 18th, although this could be moved up or back a week depending on the weather.  We will notify you via email a week before the first pick-up.

Share will be distributed at the Winneshiek County Farmer's Market on Wednesdays from 3-6pm.

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