Humble Hands Harvest

Humble Hands Harvest is run by Hannah Breckbill and Emily Fagan. When you grow a garden at home, you have so much love and gratitude for everything it produces. Each tomato is a treasure. The broccoli is beloved, even if it's a little far gone because you missed the perfect time to harvest it. And if the zucchini is overabundant, you don't want it to go to waste--after all, it's your precious zucchini. You figure out new ways to eat it, you freeze it, and you find a neighbor who doesn't have any.

Humble Hands Harvest's CSA is a bit like that. Each week you'll receive a box of whatever vegetables are ready. These vegetables are yours–something you invested in at the beginning of the season. As with a garden in your backyard, there are no guarantees that certain crops will come at exactly the time you want them. There also may be imperfections, from holes in leaves to an odd-shaped carrot—that's something you risk when you invest in small-scale organic growing practices! Unlike a backyard garden, though, produce from Humble Hands Harvest will come regularly, be a diverse selection of usable items (with an email newsletter!), be clean when you get it, and if the zucchini goes absolutely wild, your farmer will shoulder the responsibility for it.

Standard Share
Humble Hands Harvest offers a CSA share that is delivered weekly June-October to the People’s Food Coop in Rochester, MN and the Winneshiek Farmers Market in Decorah, IA. Each CSA share includes a half bushel of vegetables and a email newsletter with cooking ideas. A late-summer share might include leeks, parsley, potatoes, heirloom tomatoes, eggplant and maybe even raspberries! A standard share costs $400 in Decorah, and $450 in Rochester, and we endeavor to make it well worth your money–CSA members are consistently amazed at the abundance they receive over the course of the season for less than $25/box.

Half Share
Some folks simply don’t go through that many vegetables in their busy lives. (Isn’t it interesting how busyness correlates to less use of the kitchen, and so less vegetable use?) If you are interested in joining a CSA but fear a stampede of vegetables barreling toward your fridge, a half share might be for you. In this model, you will receive the same box every other week rather than weekly. Half shares are $225 in Decorah and $250 in Rochester; it is probably worth your effort to find someone with whom to split a full share if you are interested in a half share.

Market Share
If the concept of a CSA share intimidates you because of a lack of choice, maybe a market share is up your alley. You can invest in the farm at the beginning of the season in increments of $100, and in return receive $110 worth of credit at Humble Hands Harvest’s farmers market stand in Decorah.

Email Hannah and Emily at [email protected] for more info and to sign up.
Humble Hands Harvest Website.