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The garden crew gave away squash for the squash giveaway event.
  • Growing Gardens

    Luther is proud to say they have three off-campus gardens, four on-campus gardens, and a team full of amazing student workers. These gardens are offering students, faculty and staff an opportunity to learn all about the benefits of growing (and eating) their own food.
  • Growing Sustainable Food Purchases

    The Sustainable foods movement is something that has become very important to many Luther students and support is only growing. Luther chooses to buy many of its products from local, sustainable farms and is helping to educate students about the importance this has on our health, our community and our ecosystem.
  • Growing Food Literacy

    Getting students, faculty and staff, as well as community members educated about food and the impact it can have on their lives is an important part of Luther's sustainability program. From book discussions to cooking classes to farm visits, we offer many fun, adventurous ways for people to get involved and also learn a lot.
  • Growing the Regional Food System

    Luther is also working to help improve the regional food system, through work with the Northeast Iowa Food and Farm Coalition, as well as local groups in Decorah.
  • Growing Healthy Kids

    Keeping kids healthy is important to every parent, and one way to help do so is to educate families about the importance of the food they are feeding their children. If more people have access to local, sustainable foods, especially through schools, they would be more willing to try it.