Shopping Shuttle


  • Shuttle will stop downtown,
  • take remaining students to Walmart,
  • wait about an hour,
  • leave with Walmart shoppers,
  • then pick up students downtown and return to campus.

The shopping shuttle runs 2-3 times per month.

In order to give students a choice of buying local and in other places, we are offering shuttles to the south of town. The possible centers for shopping are:

  • Quillin's (for groceries),
  • Goodwill,
  • TrueValue (for hardware and miscellaneous items),
  • Great Dragon Restaurant and much more. 

The shuttle schedule will specify when it goes to these places rather than Walmart.


  • Please sign up in advance using the online form (seating is limited!). 
  • Meet in the Student Organizational Suite ten minutes prior to departure.