A car used for the UhaulCarShare program on campus.

To reduce the number of cars brought to campus, introduce sustainable transportation, provide a cost-effective alternative to car ownership, and to provide a great service to the local community, Luther has partnered up with UhaulCarShare to bring a car sharing program to campus.

Luther College students, faculty, and staff, along with Decorah community members, can drive self-service cars by the hour or day, 24/7. Gas, maintenance/roadside assistance, insurance and parking are all included. Use UhaulCarShare for errands, shuttling friends to the airport, shopping, or quick road trips anytime of the day or night. It's far more convenient and cost effective than owning a car.


No more waiting for approval . . . You can drive away in UhaulCarShare today! It's simple; all you need is a valid driver's license.

  1. Go to UhaulCarShare.com on your home computer or mobile device
  2. Choose the vehicle you want and the time you need
  3. Fill out your information
  4. Take a picture of your driver's license, a picture of yourself, and you are ready to begin sharing!

We welcome members with licenses from all around the world. We understand that some of our applicants will have international or foreign licenses. Just follow the same procedure by filling out your information, uploading a picture of your driver's license, a photo of yourself, and a valid form of payment, and you are ready to drive!

Students: If you are a student at one of our partner universities, we may ask for an additional ID such as your Student ID card.


Get access to UhaulCarShare from anywhere using your mobile device!

  • Find the vehicle closest to you using GPS or search by city/state or zip code.
  • Click on the vehicle you want to reserve and choose your pick-up date and time.
  • From there it will prompt you to enter some basic information and you can drive away in minutes.

No more waiting for approval, all you need is a driver’s license and valid payment to apply for UhaulCarShare account. Rates start as low as $4.95/hour plus mileage and $62/day with a low price guarantee. You can manage your account, make a new reservation or extend a current reservation! Sign in and reserve any car 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You only pay for what you use!


After making a reservation you will be asked to submit a ''real time'' headshot of yourself. Why? We are looking out for your own safety and protection by verifying your identity and ensuring that you are only one accessing your account. It will take only minutes to review your picture and then you will be given a 7 digit access code. Unlock your car by entering the access code, Get in and Go! Each time you reserve a vehicle you'll get an access code. Simply enter that into the keypad and the car will unlock. Keys are tethered in the vehicle at all times. Gas is on us! Simply use the gas card located in each vehicle, with your personal gas ID to ensure you are never on empty! Run all your errands and return the car where you found it. Remember car sharing is a community effort and leave the vehicle clean and ready for the next member to use.

Rental Fee Schedule

Members can use the vehicle for short trips at a lower rate ($4.95/hr) which does not include mileage ($0.49/mile) – great for short distance trips that require a longer use of the vehicle – or a flat rate ($8.75/hr) that includes 180 miles per reservation. Within this rate structure there are also plan discounts available for people who know they will be using the vehicles frequently. UhaulCarShare offers a low price guarantee and bills the member the lowest rate based on their reservation information at the end of each reservation. These standard flat hourly rates include gas, insurance, and mileage and will depend on the plan chosen by the member. Because every market is different, they allow for their pricing structure to adjust as necessary.

Cars & Parking Spaces

There is one UhaulCarShare vehicle (Nissan Cube) available to reserve hourly by students, faculty, staff, departments, and the community. This vehicle is located in the parking spot in the back of the library parking lot adjacent to the road to Jenson at Luther.

Departmental Programs

UhaulCarShare can provides a customized program for Luther College that allows departments to manage driver access and get reports on usage and membership levels as well as provides departmental billing options. Options include:

  • Customized departmental approvals
  • Customized reports for each department
  • Detailed invoices for each department
  • Access to online back-end system for reports and the ability to determine usage restrictions for individuals within each department

Member Handbook

If you're looking for more information, check out our member handbook.