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Energy & Climate

Solar Panorama
  • Renewable Energy

    Luther takes great strides to use renewable energy sources when possible. These types of energy include solar, wind, biodiesel, and biomass.
  • Transportation

    Although Luther is a residential campus, reducing transportation in or around campus and using more efficient means of transportation is still a high priority.
  • Climate Action

    Luther has committed to reducing its carbon footprint by 50% by 2015. In order to be successful, we have created an action plan that puts in writing plans for this goal.
  • Energy Conservation

    Conserving energy is a great way for individuals or groups of people to make a sustainable change. Luther has programs and resources for both individuals and groups as well as campus-wide initiatives geared toward energy conservation.
  • Energy Efficiency

    In 2004 Luther invested $1.5 million in various energy efficiency initiatives that have saved the College over $200,000 each year and the work continued in 2010.
  • Green Buildings

    Using geothermal and LEED building standards, Luther is committed to building more sustainably.
  • Partners

    Luther believes sustainability is a web of connections. As a result, we have partnered with organizations on campus and in the community to further our impact in sustainability.