Bargain Barn

As a replacement of the annual auction, the Bargain Barn sells a variety of items no longer needed by the College to the public.  Located in the Ashmore-Jewell Barn next to Baker Village, sales take place on an as needed basis.  

An inventory list will be updated as the sale date approaches.

Stay tuned for more information about future barn sales.

How the Sale Works

Operating similarly to a garage sale, items either have prices listed, say "free" on the tag, are located in a "Make an Offer" section, or are up for closed-bid auction.  Don't like the price we're asking?  Bargain with us!  How to purchase items:

  • If the item has a price tag on it, grab the price tag.  After you are done shopping you can take all your tags to the cashier to pay.
  • If the item has a tag marked "free", grab the item and take it out before anyone else does.
  • If the item is in the "Make an Offer" section, find a Luther employee and make an offer.  We may take your offer, or we may ask for more.
  • If it is listed as a closed-bid auction, grab a bid form from the cashier and fill it out. 
  • We accept cash or check. Checks should be written out to "Luther College".

Doors open promptly at 5:00PM.  No advanced previewing of items is possible.  All proceeds benefit Luther's Sustainability program.

How do I Find Out About These Sales?

We'll remind the public of sales via an announcement on and through our Luther Sustainability email group.  If you would like to receive a reminder, but don't want to join the more general email group, sign-up here.

Where do the Sale Items Come From?

Everything sold in the barn is unwanted property of Luther College.  As buildings get remodeled, equipment upgraded and departments clean out their storage spaces, staff members determine if items should be stored for future use on campus or disposed of.  Anything deemed "unwanted" is put for sale at the Bargain Barn.

If you are an employee of Luther College and your department or office has items for the Bargain Barn, please fill out this online form.

LIS Used Equipment Sale

Looking for used computers or technology?  Go to Luther's LIS Used Equipment Sale -

Used Mattresses

Each June, Luther replaces 200-400 cycled out mattresses in residential halls and looks for new homes for them.  Over the past two years we have given away roughly 500 mattresses to a variety of camps and individuals.  Please contact if you know of an institution in need of good, used mattresses.  Below is a testimonial to their continued quality.

 "Just wanted to say thank you for the mattresses.  They look great in our cabins and we appreciate them very much." - Steve Caskey, Miracle Lodge Manager, Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch

History of the Project

For the past 10 plus year, the Ashmore-Jewell Barn has primarily been used to store items Luther no longer wants, along with a small portion of space storing around 80 student bikes from late November to mid-March. The unwanted items were disposed of through auctions or by bringing unsold items to the landfill. This system required items to be stored for up to one year while waiting for auction dates, making the barn unavailable for other, more appropriate uses.

The reuse sale system for dealing with unwanted, but usable items from the College will both decrease storage time and the number of times items are moved. The newly available space will also provide Luther with the opportunity of using the Ashmore-Jewell Barn for other yet-to-be-determined purposes.

Relocation of Trash to Treasures

In the past, the annual Trash to Treasures program was located in the North Gym on a temporary basis. In 2011, the program will be relocated to Luther's Reuse Sale so more time will be available to find homes for these items.  This new location also mean leftover items from Trash to Treasure can be made available to incoming students the following academic year.

The opening of the store wouldn't have been possible without the generous support of Steve Arneson, Terry Ollendieck, George Hamilton, Facilities Services workstudy students, APO, Zeta Tau Psi, and many others.