Where Can I Recycle...On Campus?

Where can I recycle Aluminum Foil and Cans?
Redeemable cans can be either placed in red bins around campus or in bins labeled “Redeemables.” Non-redeemables cans may be placed in bins around campus, namely dorms, in the bins labeled “Plastics and Metals.” Aluminum foil may be placed in the Plastics and Metals bin.

Where can I recycle plastics?
Plastics numbered 1-7 may be placed in bins labeled ‘Plastics and Metals’ that are located around campus.

Where can I recycle cardboard?
Cardboard can be recycled in bins around campus, but only after being flattened!  Cardboard receptacles were recently added to most dumpsters around campus. There is now a city ordinance making it unlawful to throw cardboard away.

Where can I recycle batteries?
Rechargeable batteries can be recycled in the Office Reuse Station, which is room Valders 376.  Regular alkaline batteries, however, must be thrown away.

Where can I recycle CFL light bulbs?
CFL light bulbs can be recycled in the Office Reuse Station, which is room Valders 376. CFL light bulbs must be recycled due to hazardous chemicals found in them. Incandescent light bulbs must be thrown away.

Where can I recycle paper?
Paper recycling is offered around campus in blue bins marked “paper.”

Where can I recycle used office supplies?
You can take office supplies to the Office Reuse Station, which is Valders 376. If the door is locked, you can go around to the offices and get in from the other door. You can also take office supplies from the brown shelves if you need!

Where can I recycle my books?

There are two ways books can be recycled on campus.

  1. The library circulation desk will accept donations of nearly any type of book in good condition for its annual book sale. If these books are unable to be sold, they will be recycled. Books should be placed in boxes clearly marked for the book sale and delivered to the circulation desk (When entering the library, it is your first desk to the right). Books in poor conditiBook Recyclingon, water-damaged, or moldy will not be accepted.
  2. There are two collection bins in the basement of Olin if you have books to recycle!  One bin is for soft cover books and the other bin is for hard cover books. 

Where can I recycle packing peanuts and packing pillows?
Packing peanuts, packing pillows, and bubble wrap are collected in the basement of Sampson Hoffland Labortories. Take the stairs that are located on the first floor, where the Biology labs are. Collection for these items is down and to the left when taking the stairs.

Where can I recycle clothing or fabric?
Donations can be made to either the Depot or Goodwill. The Depot is located at 105 Railroad Avenue, with a sign on Mechanic Street. Goodwill is located by Quillins, which is 915 Short Street. Other miscellaneous non-recyclables can be taken to either location, as long as they are in good condition.

Where can I recycle electronics?
Information regarding electronics can be found under the Sustainability page under Recycling. If still usable, electronics can be either donated or reused at the Reuse Station, depending on the type of electronic.

Where can I recycle glass?
Redeemable bottles can be places in the Habitat for Humanity bins, similar to redeemable plastic and aluminum. Non redeemable bottles must be thrown away, unfortunately.

Where can I recycle ink cartridges?
Ink cartridges can be taken to the library (recycle box in Laurel Womeldorf's office) or the Document Center located in Main. Off brand (hp, dell, samsung, etc) toners and inkjet cartridges are accepted.

Where can  I take plastic bags?

Both Fareway and Walmart will take plastic bags for recycling. Walmart is located at 1798 Old Stage Road. Fareway is at 103 East Main Street.

Where can I recycle appliances? 

Recycle working appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and room air conditioners, and receive money back. Find more information and submit a Appliance Recycling request form at Alliant Energy's website.

 What about recycling in my Dorm?

Information about Residential Hall recycling can be found here.


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