Funding Application - Sustainability Programs

The Center for Sustainable Communities (CSC) is committed to helping RAs plan and implement sustainability programs, events and initiatives. We ask that RAs complete a brief online application 3 weeks prior to when you hope to host your event to allow adequate time for your application to be reviewed by the relevant Hall Director/Area Coordinator and a staff member from the CSC.

There are a variety of sustainability-related programs that can be offered. Feel free to refer to our list of "life skills programs" (geared towards seniors) and "sustainability programs" (for everyone) for ideas. If you have your own ideas, those are most welcome too and we look forward to hearing about them.

Funding can be used to support such things as:

  • A van to transport your group to an activity in the area (mileage)
  • Cooking Class - Instructor and Food
  • Waste audit materials

Apply for funding to support a sustainability program.

Not sure how much funding to request? Feel free to make your best guess and we will be in touch regarding actual cost and what we can support. Here are some general costs to get you started:

  • Trip in a Luther vehicle: $0.42/mile
  • WW Homestead Tour and Ice Cream: $8/person + mileage
  • Cooking class ~ $50