35% Local Goal

Luther is planning to accomplish it's goal of sourcing 35% local foods in campus dining locations by May 2013. 

This commitment is founded upon Luther's three-part Strategic Plan that emphasizes the central themes of connection and sustainability. The three imperatives of the Strategic Plan are: connecting faith, learning and the larger world; connecting people, place and the Luther experience; and connecting sustainability, stewardship and global citizenship.

The implementation of our Strategic Plan provides funding towards sustainability initiatives and goals like our 35% local food purchasing goal.  Expansion of our local and regional food networks supports our campus community and surrounding communities. Through education, students gain a clearer understanding of what "sustainable" food actually is and how that definition guides Luther's food purchasing. To us, sustainable food is produced in an environmentally and socially responsible way, is healthy and is within a day's drive away. Investing our energies in revitalizing our local food system is just one way we are connecting all three imperatives of our Strategic Plan and preparing graduates to lead society in a more sustainable direction.

Read more about the Strategic Plan here.


The Jepsons with their herd of cows.
Grown Locally farmer, Gordan shows off his cucumber crop.