Food Day Survey Results

On Thursday, October 27, members of Food Council, in honor of Food Day, gave a survey during the dinner hours about sustainable foods in the cafeteria. The survey asked students if they would be willing to increase their board plans so that more sustainably produced food could be purchased and served. The surveys supplied information about current board plan prices, meal breakdown prices, and current sustainable food initiatives. The surveys were given at random to students during the entire dinner hour encompassing tables from all parts of the dining hall. The survey asked yes or no for willingness to pay extra, then asked the student to choose from six price options, $5, $10, $20, $40, $80, or other. 331 surveys were collected.


  • 83% of students said they would be willing to pay more for local/sustainable food
  • On average, these students agreed to pay $31 more per semester (This number falls almost in the middle of the price options listed perhaps signifying that students are willing to pay considerably more)  

Student comments left in the “other” category included:

  • “as much [money] as it takes”
  • “this is important”
  • “I love supporting local farmers”
  • “if it better quality, healthier, tastier and more variety”