Participating Farms/CSA Options

Participating Farms / CSA Options

Every CSA has a slightly different pick-up schedule, cost and quantity of produce.  Luther encourages staff and faculty to browse through all options so you can find the program that will work best for you and your family.  The sign-up deadline is May 1st, but early registration is strongly encouraged.

Annie's Gardens and Greens

Located in Fort Atkinson, Iowa, Annie's Gardens and Greens offers the following vegetables shares. This CSA runs from June 1 - October 31. (Sign up in March for a 5% discount).

  1. Standard bi-weekly vegetable share, 11 weekly deliveries (2 person) $165
  2. Standard weekly vegetable share, 22 weekly deliveries (2 person) $330
  3. Large bi-weekly vegetable share, 11 weekly deliveries (4 person) $330
  4. Large weekly vegetable share, 22 weekly deliveries (4 person) $660

Shares can be picked up at the Decorah Farmers Market on Wednesdays (3-6pm) and Saturdays (8-11am). Other pick-up locations are available for a $3.00/drop-off fee.  Home deliveries are available for $10/delivery.

Information about purchasing a CSA share through Annie's Gardens and Greens can be found on their website. On the website you will find a downloadable brochure that you must mail in, along with payment to become registered. This CSA does not have an online payment option.


Canoe Creek Produce - SOLD OUT FOR 2014

Located 7 miles northeast of Decorah in Pleasant Township, Canoe Creek Produce is operated by Barbara Kraus and her family. Canoe Creek Produce began with eggs and has grown to include a variety of vegetables, fruits, and meats. Today, Barbara manages a flock of 300 chickens, a herd of Katahdin sheep, and several acres of gardens and orchards. Canoe Creek Produce is offering two CSA options this year:

  • Market Share: $200 - SOLD OUT
  • "Food to Celebrate" Monthly Themed Produce Boxes: $175 - SOLD OUT

Farmers Market Share. Select Canoe Creek Produce products of your choice at any of the outdoor Winneshiek Farmers Markets. Markets start May 3rd and run until Oct. 29th. Hours are Wednesdays 3:00-6:00 and Saturdays 8:00-11:00 (closed Nordic Fest Saturday July 26th). Members will receive a newsletter and an up-to-date report on current account balance when they visit the market.

"Food to Celebrate" Monthly Themed Produce Boxes. All boxes contain recipes and usage ideas, a complimentary bouquet (dried flowers or gourds in Sept. and Oct.), and enough food for an 8-10 people party or several smaller meals. For an extra cost, a meat option of lamb or beef can be added to the Sept. or Oct. boxes (more details in Aug). Boxes can be picked up at the Winneshiek County Farmer's Market the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Themes include: 

  • June: "Stir fry Delights" — early tender greens and roots and snow peas.
  • July: "Picnic Favorites" — vegetable fix'ins for potato salad, coleslaw, and cucumber salads, plus ice tea herbs and sweet melons.
  • August: "Grilling Extravaganza" — abundant assortment of new and familiar vegetables for grilling (tomatoes, peppers, fennel, endive, long beans and more!) and fresh herbs for rubs and marinades.
  • September: "Celebrate the Bounty" — classic end of the season favorites, tomatoes, onions, squash, beans, and potatoes, to name a few.
  • October: "Soulful Soups" — this is where the humble root vegetables such as turnips, celeriac, and beets and deep green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach shine to make delicious and nutritious soups.

Canoe Creek Shares are sold out for the 2014 season. Please check back next year.


Driftless Gardens  (GARDEN SERVICES)

Driftless Gardens is a full-service organic garden and landscaping business located in Decorah, Iowa that serves the surrounding ‘Driftless‘ area of NE Iowa, SE Minnesota and SW Wisconsin. Owner Jeff Scott has extensive experience with organic vegetable gardening in this region and is excited to help you make your gardening dreams come true. This year Luther employees have the option of getting reimbursed for garden support in the following ways:

  • Pizza/Salsa Garden: $350
  • Garden Memberships
    • Tier 1: $150
    • Tier 2: $225
    • Tier 3: $350 

Pizza/Salsa Garden Imagine... Pizza made with homegrown veggies or salsa fresca right from the garden. This garden comes with everything you’ll need to enjoy a successful garden all summer long including the installation and maintenance!  These pre-designed gardens are created with the busy homeowner or gardening novice in mind and will provide wonderful fresh produce all season long without the need to fret over seed orders, planning or maintenance. This package includes garden design, plants, mulch and other materials, installation, routine maintenance, troubleshooting and consultation services.
In this garden you will have the opportunity to grow tomatoes, basil, onions, peppers, corn and herbs.

Garden Memberships We are excited to offer this flexible option for those looking for help with their own gardens.  A garden membership allows you to choose the right amount and the right mix of services and plants to help your garden be a success. Details for each tier of membership are given below.

  • Tier 1 ($150) This package is perfect for the experienced gardener looking for a little bit of extra help. Choose from a variety of vegetable seedlings or get some help tilling the garden or caring for it while away on vacation.
    • Options:
      • Maintenance Package - 6 hours of garden services
      • Split Package - 4 hours of services & 20 plants
  • Tier 2 ($225) This package has the new gardener in mind.  Choose from a wide selection of our plants or put everything towards letting us help you plan, prepare and produce a perfect garden.
    • Options:
      • Maintenance Package - 9 hours of garden services
      • Split Package - 5 hours of garden services & 40 plants
  • Tier 3 ($350) This package is great for a family or the avid gardener.  With a greater number of service hours available, you won't be the only one responsible for tending your bountiful garden.
    • Options:
      • Maintenance Package - 14 hours of garden services
      • Split Package - 10 hours of services & 40 plants

Patchwork Green Farm

Patchwork Green Farm has been providing fresh garden produce to our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) (highlight) members in Winneshiek County for 16 years. Located just a few miles north of Decorah, Patchwork Green Farm offers a few different options for CSA customers.

  • Traditional Delivery Share: $300 
  • Market Shares: $150, $225 or $350

Traditional Delivery Share - Bags are packed each week with 7-14 different fresh vegetables and herbs, cured storage vegetables and occasional cut flowers.  Your bag will be packed with items that should be eaten within a few days (lettuce, peas, Brussels sprouts), some that will keep well for a week (tomatoes, basil, peppers), and some that will be good well into a second week (carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbage).  Members also receive a newsletter with each bag.  Traditional Delivery Shares will be near Phelps Park in Decorah on Saturdays from 7:30 - 11:30 AM.  There will be a one delivery in late May, and bi-weekly deliveries June 23 to October 27.  Cost of the traditional share is $300 ($320 value).

Market Share - You can choose the level of participation that best suits your family: $150, $225, or $300.  An account will be created and you can then shop at our Farmers’ Market stall and a running balance will be kept of the money in your account.  Newsletters will be available at market and you will be emailed a monthly statement with your account balance. Produce is available on a first come, first served basis, so if you choose this option you'll want to commit to getting to the market early. 


River Root Farm  (WINTER SHARE- November/December) SOLD OUT FOR 2014

Located within the city limits of Decorah, River Root Farm's mission is to strengthen community food security by increasing access to local, sustainably grown food throughout the winter. Farm owners, Mike Bollinger and Katie Prochaska, have been growing fresh local winter produce for over a decade and are excited to be offering a Winter share in Decorah this year. River Root Farm will be offering 8 week shares that will be available from November 1st through December 20th. Options include:

  • Winter Half Share (Family of 1-2): $130
  • Winter Full Share (Family of 3-4): $220

Butter Lettuce • Broccoli Crown • Carrots • Italian Parsley Bunch • Arugula • Spinach • Potatoes • Winter Squash

Romaine Lettuce • Spinach • Leeks • Carrots • Microgreens • Beets • Potatoes • Turnips • Winter Squash

Shares can be picked up at 1007 Locust Road between Noon-5pm on Saturday afternoons or at a downtown location (to be announced)


Sweet Earth Farm

Sweet Earth Farm, located in Decorah, Iowa, was founded in 2012 by Meghan Spees and Anne Bohl. Anne and Meghan's farm is based in town on the property of Larry and Diane Grimstad. This farm offers a 20 week CSA (available June - October). In addition to fresh, nutrient-rich produce, members receive a weekly newsletter with updates, recipes and opportunities to participate in on-farm events. Sweet Earth Farm CSA shares can be picked up at the Decorah Farmer's Market on Wednesdays between 3-6pm.  Sweet Earth Farm shares will include five to ten different vegetables per week and more than 50 varieties of fresh vegetables throughout the season. 

  • Full Share (Family of 4): $550
  • Half Share (Family of 2): $330