Gardening Classes

Whether you are thinking about starting your first garden or you’ve been gardening for years, these classes are for you. Gardening is all about trying new things in order to learn what works, as well as sharing ideas and techniques with others. The goal of this series is to provide basic information for beginning gardeners, as well as a forum for more seasoned gardeners to share information and ask questions.  Join us for all or part of this series as we glean information from some of the many experienced gardeners in our community. Classes are open to all faculty, staff, students and community members.

The Center for Sustainable Communities is offering this series of gardening classes free of charge to all participants.

There is no charge for the classes, but registration is required. Please register
online. We anticipate classes filling up quickly so please sign-up early to secure your spot.

Gardening Series: 2014 Season Offerings

Saving Seeds
Instructor: Seed Savers Exchange
Date/Time: Monday, September 15th, 12:15-1:15pm
Luther College, Valders Hall of Science, Room #362

Class Description: Seeds can be expensive. Have you ever thought about saving your own? It’s not as difficult or intimidating as it might sound. Join Seed Savers staff for an hour-long session on how to save your own seeds. Participants will learn which varieties are easiest to save and the best methods for properly processing and storing seed. Keep in mind that some varieties cross-pollinate in the field and in order to remain ‘true to type” need to be grown in isolation gardens that are ¼-½  mile away from other varieties. Seed Savers staff will provide an overview of which seeds you should attempt to save from your own garden. Whether you intend to save seeds this year or are just interested in learning more about the process, we invite you to join us. Please register online.

Cleaning Up and Preparing for Spring
Instructor: David Cavagnaro, Pepperfield Project
Date/Time: Monday, October 6th, 12:15-1:15pm
Luther College, Valders Hall of Science, Room #362

Class Description: Clean-up, clean-up, everybody, everywhere! Properly cleaning up your garden in the fall will make your life a million times easier in the spring. Join David Cavagnaro for an informative session about how to clean-up your fall garden and best prepare for spring. Fall may seem like an odd time to till, but it’s actually the best time to work up any new areas that you are hoping to plant in the spring. If you had a successful gardening season and are hoping to expand your garden in the spring, come to this class for tips on what you can do now to make sure the ground is ready for spring planting.
Please register online.