Cooking Classes

Throughout the year the Center for Sustainable Communities provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to experience new cooking skills and techniques through a variety of classes that are offered on campus. Registration is required and all classes are limited to 20 participants. All classes will include generous samples.

Veggie Nori Rolls and Guo Cuon
Bring some new flavors into your kitchen with Nori Rolls and Guo Cuon. Professor Eric Baack will demonstrate techniques and help you wrap your own creative rolls during this hands on class. These are a good snack for kids and a great way to have them assist with food preparation.

Wednesday, July 1st
Noon-1pm, Valders 379
Instructor: Eric Baack

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Salad Extravaganza
Go beyond iceberg lettuce and step outside the spinach salad box. This class will teach you how to use seasonal fruits and vegetables in perfect combination for great salads.

Wednesday, July 8th
Noon-1pm, Valders 379
Instructor: Ruth Jenkins, Oneota Food Coop

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Greek Village Cuisine
If you love fresh herbs, feta and eating in season, this class is for you! Stratis grew up spending summers in Greece at his Dad’s village where he learned a thing or two about Greek village fare. Join he and his wife Rachel for a hands-on class to learn a few simple Greek dishes.

Wednesday, July 15th
Noon-1pm, Valders 379
Instructors: Rachel and Stratis Giannakouros

Registration is closed.

Vegetables: Simple and Delicious
Learn simple ways to cook fresh vegetables to let their natural deliciousness shine! Rachel will focus on fresh, local vegetables as a way to help you figure out what to do with the veggies from your CSA share.

Wednesday, July 22nd
Noon-1pm, Valders 379
Instructor: Rachel Sandhorst

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Healthy Road Trips
This class is designed to show you how to travel long distance in style with healthy snacks and meals that can be enjoyed at rest stops. No more fast food, aching bellies, and tired arrivals. Travel well and keep your body fortified.

Wednesday, August 5th
Noon-1pm, Valders 379
Instructor: Ruth Jenkins, Oneota Food Coop

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Pho Soup
Join Viset Hovden when she shares a taste of home with us! Viset is from Laos where Pho is a common soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles, and meat.

Thursday, August 6th
Noon-1pm, Valders 379
Instructor: Viset Hovden

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Cooking on the Fly
Bring one item from your CSA box and learn how to pair it with pantry basics as Ruth Jenkins cooks on the fly. No recipes, just good ingredients and kitchen know how.

Wednesday, August 12th
Noon-1pm, Valders 379
Instructor: Ruth Jenkins, Oneota Food Coop

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