Cooking Classes

Throughout the year the Center for Sustainable Communities provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to experience new cooking skills and techniques through a variety of classes that are offered on campus during shadow block and lunch. Registration is required and all classes are limited to 20 participants. Please sign up for only one class to start so we can ensure enough spots for all who want to participate.

Summer 2014 Offerings

Cooking with Children: A Labor of Love (parent edition) - Cooking with kids, something a family has a chance to do each day, but so infrequently happens. Why should we bother engaging children in the kitchen? Is there a point beyond all the mess and dessert making? Yes! Join Johanna for tips of the trade, as a mom and Co-op children’s educator, she’s excited to share how to make family cooking and eating work. We’ll cover what tools to use (yes, knives!), recipes to start with, eat some good food and cover how science, reading and math homework happen in the kitchen. Start young, do it often, and let it be messy. You’ll be all set to turn your home kitchen into cooking school 101.

Date: Tuesday, July 29th
Time: Noon-1pm
Location: Valders 379
Instructor: Johanna Bergan, Oneota Coop

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Pickles! -  Think pickles are too difficult to do at home? Think again, Let me show you how to make quick pickles, vinegar pickles and fermented pickles with minimum effort and maximum flavor. 

Date: Wednesday, July 30th
Time: Noon-1pm
Location: Valders 379
Instructor: Justin Skardina, La Rana/Driftless Catering

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