Bike Registration - Free

Luther College Security, in cooperation with the City of Decorah Police Department, is now offering FREE bicycle registration to all students, faculty, and staff on campus. This one-time registration will put your bike's information into a local database accessible by the Decorah Police Department. If your bike is stolen in Decorah, registering your bike will identify you as the owner if it is recovered. Online registrations are assessed on a monthly basis.

To make registering your bike as easy as possible, we offer both online and in-person registration. 

  • To register online fill out this form.  When registering online you have the choice to receive your registration sticker via your SPO. 
  • To register in-person, simply fill out the form when you bring your bike to the barn for storage.

Below you will find the list of information needed to register your bike.  The starred items are required.

Please note that bicycle registration is required for all bikes placed in winter storage at Luther.  It will be possible to register your bike at the barn when putting it into storage.

Information Gathered When Registering Your Bike

Starred items are required.  All others are optional.

  1. * First and Last Name 
  2. * Luther Email Address
  3. * SPO or mailing address
  4. * Bicycle Serial Number - See photos (typically located underneath your bike near the crankshaft)
  5. Bicycle Make
  6. Color
  7. Trim
  8. Frame Size
  9. Wheel Size
  10. Frame Style
  11. Speed
  12. Accessories
How to Find Your Bike's Serial Number
How to Find Your Bike's Serial Number
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