Shirley Baker Commons, 20 kW

In addition to Baker Village's 280 kilowatt (kW) solar array on Pole Line Road, Luther will install a 20 kW array near the Shirley Baker Commons in 2013.  The purpose of this smaller array will be to demonstrate how solar photovoltaic energy and geothermal energy are being used to provide all of the energy needed to heat, cool, and power Baker Village - the largest facility in Iowa powered by the sun.

The panels will be arranged in two rows just south of the Lillehammer building in the Anderson Prairie.  The installation will not disturb long-term research projects in the prairie.  The goal is to install the system by May 2013. 

General Information about the system:

  • 20 kW
  • Estimated production of 26,500 kWh per year
  • Siting does not displace or disturb prairie research parcels
  • Panels set at a fixed 30- degree angle
  • Two rows of panels, each 68 feet long
  • Installed on ground mounted, removable steel pillar and racking system
  • Production net metered through the Alliant Energy meter on Pole Line road
  • Expected cost: ~$82,500
  • 50% in grant funding from the U.S. Department of Energy
  • 25% funded an Alliant Energy rebate
  • 25% funded by donor gifts to the Renewable Energy line in the Luther College Sesquicentennial Fund.

See below for images of approved location for the facility. 

Proposed Baker Village Solar Panels Site Map

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