Winneshiek Energy District

The Winneshiek Energy District is engaging various energy projects and programs to help members of the community drive their homes and business more efficiently and sustainably. They are working with individuals, families and businesses and the city to develop plans and implement practices to reduce consumption, implement alternative energy sources and reduce our overall footprint.   WED has funding to not only help customers reduce their economic load by achieving lower utility bills but to help share in some of the upfront costs of larger home energy retrofits.

Cost share - WED has a large grant approved to establish an energy improvement cost-share program for homeowners in the City of Decorah.  Participants will pay an upfront fee for an Energy Assessment of their home to identify the most cost effective upgrades. Recommended upgrades will be eligible for a 30% rebate from the Energy District, up to $2000 per home.

Direct Install - The Basic Direct Install program takes approximately 2 hours to complete and will outfit your home with a variety of energy saving upgrades. The Comprehensive Direct Install program will take approximately 8 hours and addresses household air infiltration with the inclusion of the Basic program.  WED labor is provided free of charge thanks to Green Iowa AmeriCorps and WED's local Oneota Tag Offset Program. The only expense to the home owner is a minimal $25 fee and 50% of their cost of materials used beyond that (for many of the materials useed, this is 50% off wholesale pricing).

Oneota Tags -

  1. First reduce your energy consumption through efficiency and conservation 
  2. Second, consider your own renewable energy options, such as biomass for home heating or hot water, geothermal or air source heat pumps, solar or wind for electricity. You can get a federal tax incentive for many of these
  3. Once you've done all you can from those first two steps, recycle your energy dollars through the purchase of ONEOTA TAG carbon offsets.

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