Sustainability In the Curriculum Survey

Sustainability Survey
Campus Sustainability Council; Student Learning Task Group

Overview of the Survey

This survey was conducted to find out where sustainability is currently being taught in the Luther curriculum in order to help the task group identify opportunities to “make sustainability a part of every student’s learning experience.”  The goal was to create as complete an inventory as possible, so the task group chose a brief, quantitative survey in order to maximize the response rate.  A copy of the survey follows this report.

The survey was sent to all faculty via email on March 31, 2009.  A reminder was sent on April 7.

Download the survey and report here.

Summary Results

Number of responses 136
Number of faculty who report teaching a course(s) where sustainability is relevant to course objectives  49
Total number of courses where sustainability is relevant to course objectives  86
Number of courses where sustainability is either “extremely” or “very” important to course objectives  33

Sustainability by Division

Sustainability by Division and Department

Social Science Division

 Physical Science Division

 Humanities Division

Time Spent on Sustainability and its Importance to Course Objectives

Time Spent on SustainabilityImportance of Sustainability

Time Spent on Sustainability for Different Levels of Importance

Extremely ImportantVery Important

Moderately ImportantSomewhat Important

Not Important