When in Norway, do like the Norwegians (1/23)

Today we took a trip up the mountain, strapped on skis and joined the many Norwegians who were out and about enjoying the beauty of the day.  Per is a great skier who is familiar with the conditions in the mountains so we had perhaps the best guide in the area.  He patiently led us through the awkward process of figuring out what size boots and skis we needed.  Why can't the US just switch over to the metric system like the rest of the world?  Growing up with the metric system would really make renting skis in Lillehammer a lot easier. :)

Some have more cross country skiing experience than others, so it was an entertaining day, but we all descended the mountain in one piece!

Trails were peppered with lots of great skiers, many of whom were pulling along children in fancy sleds or even being pulled by their dogs on the skinny offshoot trails.  

Norwegians say they are born with skis on their feet and after seeing the talent on the trails today, I don't doubt it. Wow!  I think they knew to get out of our way when we were coming down the hills.  

I can't think of a better way to pass a Sunday afternoon than cross country skiing in Lillehammer.

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