Sustainability Related Courses

Luther College Sustainability-Related Courses

This inventory is based on a survey conducted in March 2009.  Faculty were asked if any courses they taught dealt with sustainability.  If they said yes, they were asked to rank how important sustainability was to the course's objectives, and how much class time was spent on sustainability.  A course is defined as sustainability-related if faculty consider sustainability extremely or very important to course objectives but only deal with sustainability for 0-20% of class time, or if they consider sustainability moderately important to course objectives and 0-100% of class time deals with sustainability.

AFST 239: New Hope Summer Camp, South Africa
ANTH/AFRS 221: Anthropology in East Africa: Culture Change Among the Maasai
ENG 312: Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction II
GER 201: Intermediate German
MGT 362: Entrepreneurship
PAID II 450: Maltese Language, History, Life, and Culture
PE 100: Fit and Well
PE 110: Fly Fishing
PHIL 139: Technology and the  Human Condition
POLS 130: American Politics
POLS 132: Global Politics
POLS 258: Environmental Politics and Policy
PSYC 240: Psychology of Aging
REL 185: Religion, Ethics, and Animal Welfare
REL 241: Christian Ethics
SW 303: Human Behavior in the Social Environment II