Visiting Erik Anderson’s Farm (1/13)

At the energy academy Soren showed us a video clip that CBS aired in 2008 about Samso.  It stars Erik Anderson and had us all wondering what kind of character we were about to meet. Check it out: CBS clip

After our meetings at the Eneriakademi we hopped on our bus and went to Erik Anderson’s farm.  The twinkle in his eye reminded us of many midwestern farmers that we know.  Though not very talkative on the news, he was a very friendly man. Up until last year he had a herd of dairy cows, but he recently made the switch to beef cattle as he moves towards retirement.

The unique thing about Erik’s farm is that he is almost completely energy independent.  Solar panels for electricity and hot water adorn the roof of one of his barns and he makes his own biofuels from rapeseed that he grows himself.  He uses the fuel in both his tractor and his car and only needs to use a little bit of diesel to help get his tractor running, which is something he hopes to not need in the near future.

Erik’s machinery wasn’t fancy, but he sure operates his farm in an innovative way.  He hopes that more farmers will see the benefits of producing their own energy in the near future as our climate situation necessitates it.

Solar panels on Erik Anderson's barn roof.

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