A Walk on the Dike (1/12)

This morning we left Husum and took many windy roads through the countryside, passing sheep and farm fields, until we reached the seaside town of Dagebull.  The students have been reading a book by Theodore Storm that took place in Dagebull, entitled “The Rider on the White Horse,” so this was an exciting opportunity for us all to become more intimate with the setting from that book.

Despite the chilly temperatures rolling off the North Sea, we took a walk along the dike that separates Dagebull from the North Sea.  The sky was painted shades of orange and yellow and was covered by intermittent clouds that floated over the ice chunk covered sea.

The dike not only reminded some of us of the dike that protects Decorah from the Upper Iowa River, but also that no matter what measures we take to protect ourselves from natural dangers, mother nature sometimes does what she wants.

Our time in Dagebull ended with a lovely meal, provided by the Stedings who are friends of Luther College.  After a chilly walk, we were all overjoyed to receive such a delicious meal at such a fancy restaurant.  Thank you, Stedings!

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