“The light in your eyes” (1/11)

After our trip to Repower we had a few minutes to walk around the quaint town of Husum before heading to the BUNDGarten where we spent the afternoon exploring the wonder of light with seven and eight year olds. 

The children that we worked with are part of a group that visits the center once a month.   We were all impressed by the creativity of the children when asked questions like,

  • What is light to us?
  • Why is light important?
  • What are some examples of light?

One of our favorite moments was when a little boy, upon being asked to provide an example of a form of light, responded to the teacher by saying, “the light in your eyes.”  Very cute.

The environmental educators at the center had set up various stations where children could explore light and its importance.  Children and their Luther friends did everything from making fires with only three matches to making their very own Cobbler’s Light.  The lesson on light was especially fitting since there is so much darkness this time of the year in this part of the world.

One major difference we noticed between traditional pedagogy in the United States and that which we observed in the BUNDGarten is that children in the “light” program were asked very open ended questions and allowed to use their creativity.  We discussed that many times children in the U.S. are spoon-fed answers and not nurtured along in the process of discovery.  All of us left in complete awe of the creativity and intelligence of the students with whom we spent the afternoon and inspired to find ways of incorporating some of the creative teaching methods that we observed at the BUNDGarten into our structures back home.

The day ended with a delicious meal of vegan soup, bread and German sausages at the home of Telse, the woman in charge of the BUNDGarten.  We gathered around two large tables at her home and indulged in rich conversation, plenty of laugher and one last German dinner before taking off for Denmark.

Adam Voss and Chelsea Sailsbury lead the way to the BUNDGarten.

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