Sustainability Focused Courses

Luther College Sustainability-Focused Courses

This inventory is based on a survey conducted in March 2009.  Faculty were asked if any courses they taught dealt with sustainability.  If they said yes, they were asked to rank how important sustainability was to the course's objectives, and how much class time was spent on sustainability.  A course is defined as sustainability-focused if faculty consider sustainability extremely or very important to course objectives, and 21-100% of class time deals with sustainability.

ART 139
BIO 139/239: Ecology of the Southwest
BIO 185: Natural History of Food
BIO 365: Ecology
ECON 139/239: J-term in Brazil
ECON 255: Environmental Economics
ENG 212: Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction I
ENVS 130: Environmental Forays
ENVS 133: Environmental Conservation
ENVS 485: Environmental Studies Seminar
HLTH 249: Personal and Community Health
PAID II 450: Ethics, Energy, and Climate Policy
PAID II 450: Contemporary ethical issues in the Mediterranean
PAID II 450: Biodiversity
PAID II 450: Contemporary ethical issues in Scandinavia and the Baltic
PAID II 450: Food and the Environment
PAID II 450: Making Peace and Breaking Bread
PAID II 450: Green Germany - study abroad
PAID II 450: Health Care Ethics
PHIL 140: Environmental Philosophy
PHIL 185: Ethics and Animals
REL 341: Environmental Ethics
SOC 356: Environmental Sociology
TH/D 126: Movement Fundamentals I:  Practices of Alignment and Function
TH/D 130: Contact Improvisation