Student Learning

The Student Learning Task Group works to make sustainability a part of every student's learning experience. As such, the committee consists of two groups that work to take a different approach to student learning. One group focuses on incorporating sustainability education into the curriculum while the other is focused on "out of classroom" learning experiences.

Committee Members

  • Jon Jensen – Faculty - Director, Center for Sustainable Communities
  • Steve Holland – Faculty – Economics
  • Craig Mosher – Faculty – Social Work
  • Kris Franzen – Staff – Director, Residence Life
  • Anna Murray – Staff – Hall Director, Larsen and Olson
  • Alyssa Morrow – Staff – Hall Director, PFABS
  • Marge Kienitz – Student – RA, Prairie/Sustainability Houses
  • Bekah Schulz – Student – Sustainability Student Worker
  • Maren Stumme-Diers – Staff – Sustainable Foods Educator
  • Dan Bellrichard – Staff – Student Organizations Coordinator

2013-14 Meeting Dates and Times

Note: Members of the campus community are encouraged to attend student learning task group meetings if interested.

  • Tuesday, October 15, 4-5pm, Valders 374

Please contact Maren Stumme-Diers ( for more information

Meeting Notes