Climate Action Plan

Luther College has a deep and lasting commitment to sustainability. The Climate Action Plan attempts to lay out some of the ways in which the College is meeting this commitment and plans to do more in the near future. Our goal is to integrate sustainability into all areas of campus life and to make it a central organizing principle for Luther College. While the specific initiatives outlined in this document represent our current plans, we will constantly seek new ways to reduce carbon emissions, increase opportunities for sustainability education, model stewardship and sustainability in college operations, and be a catalyst for change within our region. By achieving these goals, Luther College will improve the education of our students while also doing our part to address the challenges of climate change. You can download a PDF file of Luther's Climate Action Plan.

Luther College has set a carbon neutrality date of 2030. In order to achieve this, the College has set a goal for a 70% emission reduction by 2020. Reports show a downward trend in carbon emissions, and the College is continuing efforts to keep this trend. Learn more about this goal.

In 2012, Luther released a progress report to track implementation of the Climate Action Plan. The Progress Report is intended to help signatories assess and track and share progress toward the goals outlined in their Climate Action Plans.

The Climate Action Plan

I. Introduction

II. Greenhouse Gas Inventories
In order to make a Climate Action Plan, Luther had to take stock of its carbon footprint. That process, and the results are outlined here.

III. Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Strategies
Outlined in this document are Luther's plans for reducing its carbon footprint by 50% by the year 2015 and plans for the campus' carbon neutrality goal.

IV. Education
Education is a key element in promoting sustainability on campus and throughout the world. By integrating these themes into the curriculum, co-curriculum, and research Luther will further its impact in the world of sustainability.

V. Research
Sustainability education can be furthered through the promotion of student and faculty research in areas related to sustainability.

VI. Outreach
Sustainable learning is not happening only on campus. Luther's efforts to promote sustainable thoughts and actions throughout the community is an important aspect of the Climate Action Plan.