Formatting and Spacing

Most of the formatting on our webpages is determined by our style sheet. However, here is a brief rundown on formatting.

Page Body

The page body is the part in the middle of the page where most content is placed. This content should always be left-justified.


Create a new paragraph by hitting return once. Do not add additional spacing between paragraphs.

Use only one space between sentences. Like this! (We know this is probably not what you learned in typing class, but we appreciate your compliance.)

Horizontal Rule

A horizontal rule is a horizontal line that goes across the page. You can create one by clicking the "Horizontal rule" button:

Horizontal Rule Button

The horizontal rule should be used sparingly. It is designed to designate a thematic break. For example, it may be used to separate different topics in a reference guide.

Emphasis Box

If you really want to call attention to a paragraph on a page, you can use an emphasis box. Please enter a web content request if you want a color other than the default.

The emphasis comes in different colors:

This is the default.

This is to indicate success.

This is a warning.

This is an error.

Two-Column Format

If you have long lists of information that make the page really long, you can use the two-column format for your content. For example (heading is optional):

Please contact the web content team if you're interested in adding columns to a page.