Reason Updates - 2013 Holiday Edition

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I know you're excited to learn what's new and good in the Reason world, so let's get to it:

Yes, We Have Style Guides!

Consistency is one of the key features of a user-friendly website. I'd say we do a pretty good job considering that we have 150+ contributors working on! And to aid us further in our quest for consistency, we have the following marvelous resources:

  • Web Style Guide: The definitive guide to Luther website styles.
  • Print Style Guide: Is it email or e-mail? This guide will tell you. (Answer: email) 
  • Web Guidelines: This is a collection of guidelines related to specific types of web content (e.g. events). 

NOTE: Even if you don't read anything else, please review the "Voice and Tone"section of the Text and Headings part of the web style guide. 

A Few Reminders & Notes

  • is gone! Please use in all hyperlinks on the website.
  • We are now using hyphens in our URLs rather than underscores or no spaces. For example, /global_learning/ is now /global-learning/ and /museumstudies/ is now /museum-studies/. This makes URLs more readable both to humans and the search engines. If you create new pages, please put a hyphen between words.
  • If you create events in Reason, please make sure that the event doesn't already exist. The best way to do this is to go to and look at the date of the event. If the event is there, you can borrow the event from the site that created it. This way, we don't end up with duplicates.
  • Remember to use the heading style ('H' icon) for headings (as opposed to bolded text). This helps with accessibility and readability. 
  • If you need a quick refresher on a specific Reason task (such as borrowing images), check out our video tutorial library
  • Heads-up: We're going to be rolling out some new call-to-action buttons pretty soon. These will primarily live on the Admissions site, but we will also place them on other key landing pages for our online ads. 

Social Stuff

  • You can now include a social follow icon (left sidebar, below menu) for your Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+ pages. We have added a good number of social follow icons already, but if we missed one, please enter a web content request.
  • The latest version of Reason also has a social sharing feature for blogs/publications. If you would like this capability to be turned on for your blog/publication, please let us know. You can see this in action on the Ideas and Creations blog (right below the author name). 
  • We have a new Google+ page. If you linked to our old page, please update with this new URL: (and feel free to follow and +1 while you're at it—and tell your friends).

We're Going Mobile

One of our strategic projects this year is a responsive web design project. This means that we are redesigning our website template to be responsive to different screen sizes (e.g. smartphones and tablets). It's a big project on multiple levels:

  • "Responsifying" Reason Modules: We are collaborating with Carleton College to make sure the most frequently used modules are updated to support a responsive design. 
  • Creating a New Template: We are working with an expert on responsive design to help us create a new template that will make our website look good on different screen sizes.
  • Updating Content to be Mobile-Friendly: We will need to update our images and also some of our text content to work better on mobile devices. You may hear from us on this topic in the next couple of months.

NOTE: As you create new content, keep in mind that more and more of our web visitors are using devices with small screens. (Last month over 40,000 visits!) Get to the point, avoid fluff, and write with a simple, conversational tone.     

Thank you for being such an amazing contributor to the Luther website. We couldn't do it without you!