2011-12 Programs

Here is what is happening in the world of wellness in 2011-2012.

  • walkLuther summer program.
  • Man-Made Meal. September 7. Co-sponsored by Ylvisaker Hall for their residents. 110 participants.
  • Adventure Race. September 24. A 5-mile canoe race/12-mile bike race/3-mile run in the Oneota Valley.  73 participants.
  • Harts Tea & Tarts event: October 19. A tea party for the women of Ylvisaker Hall at a local tea shop. 11 participants.
  • Murder Mystery Party. October 20. Co-sponsored by Brandt Hall, this Murder Mystery took place on the campus and 26 participants tried to solve the mystery.
  • All-campus Roller Skating Party. October 21.Co-sponsored with Larson and Olson Halls. 250 participants.
  • Halloween Dance. October 29. Co-sponsored with the Wellness RA's, this dance took place in Ylvisaker Hall and 50 participants showed up in costumes.
  • Amazing Race. November 5. Co-sponsored with Brandt Hall RA's, this event drew 40 participants as they raced around Decorah to find clues.
  • Alternative Health Care Fair. November 8. A showcase of local alternative health care practices such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Chiropractic care, Massage, and Yoga. Co-sponsored with HPE 249 class. 100 participants.
  • Healthy Back Fair - Orgonomic office equipment Exhibit. November 23. Educate staff who are struggling with chornic back, shoulder, neck and wrist pain. 75 participants.
  • Insanity Challenge. January 9  and ongoing. Brandt Hall residents are working their well to wellness through daily exercise in the Insanity program. 75+ participants.
  • RA Dessert Tour. January 15. Co-sponsored with Brandt Hall RA's, this event was to welcome prospective students to the residence halls as they toured Luther College. Approximately 125 guests.
  • Open Mic Bar. January 21. Great way to celebrate the end of January as students showcases their talents in our open mic night. Approximately 518 students attended.
  • Witty Wheel of Words. January 2 - January 27. 40 Luther faculty/staff worked out daily in a challenge to earn vowels or guess consonants. Each word correctly solved earned them one chance to win the iPad at the end of the month.