AlcoholEdu and Haven Directions

What is AlcoholEdu and Haven?

AlcoholEdu is an online, non-opinionated, science-based alcohol abuse prevention course. Luther College has partnered with EverFi, the creator of AlcoholEdu, whose mission is to help students address critical life skills such as alcohol abuse prevention and financial literacy in high schools and higher education institutions across the country. Each year over 1/2 million students complete AlcoholEdu for college. Whether students decide to drink or not, AlcoholEdu will provide them with information and feedback to empower them to make well-informed decisions about alcohol and to help cope with drinking behaviors of peers.

Haven is an online prevention program that is also required for all incoming students that explores key issues associated with sexual assault and relationship violence, providing individual feedback to student experiences and perspectives including reflective and personalized content, statistics and definitions, and bystander skills and strategies.

First-year and transfer students are required to complete AlcoholEdu and Haven.

To fulfill Luther College’s requirement you must achieve the following:

  • Complete the AlcoholEdu Final Exam with a 75% or higher
  • Complete Part 1 of AlchoholEdu and Haven (approx. 2-3 hours) by: August 28, 2015
  • Complete Part 2 of AlchoholEdu and Haven (approx. 15 min) by: October 30, 2015


  1. Go to:
  2. Be sure to use you Luther email account

If you already have an EverFi higher education account go to the above URL and click Log In.

  3. Go to your settings to add the following Registration Code: 

AlcoholEdu for College Registration Code: 6bfb41ea

Other Important Information

  • You will need Internet access and audio capabilities.
  • You may take the course in multiple sittings. Sections end with a “Next” button. DO NOT log out until you click the “Next” button or you will have to repeat the section.
  • The course may include surveys to help personalize your experience and measure your alcohol-related attitudes and behaviors. All survey responses are confidential; the school will only receive information about the student body as a whole and will never see individual students’ answers.
  • Should you experience technical difficulties, click the “Help” button to access the 24/7 help center.
  • You will receive an invitation to complete Part 2 of both courses 30-45 days after you have completed Part 1 of both courses, which then must be complete by October 30, 2015.