Annual Work Plans

All recognized student organizations are required to submit an annual work plan to the Coordinator of Student Organizations by October 15 each year. Work plans can be used for:

  1. directing groups in their work throughout the year
  2. providing a way for members to offer input and share the vision of the organization
  3. assisting organizations prepare for events and activities
  4. self-evaluation of how successful a group was at achieving its goals
  5. providing advisors and the Student Activities Office information on what an organization hopes to achieve during the academic year

The Student Senate Leadership committee hosts a 30-minute workshop called “How to Create an Annual Work Plan” each year in late September or early October. Student organization leader receive an email with details in September.

We are primarily looking for outcomes that you will be working towards and operational objectives and strategies used to achieve these outcomes. The format in which these work plans are created is less important than the actual plan and process. You may download and use the “Annual Work Plan [Organization Name] [Template]” we created or any other method that is convenient for you. As long as you can email it to it will be accepted. For reference, here are the Work Plans for the Coordinator of Student Organizations.