Student Organization Spotlight

This Month's Spotlight Goes To...
Performing Arts Committee!! (PAC)

The mission of the Performing Arts Committee is to bring diverse, intercultural, and downright entertaining experiences to everyone on Luther's campus. We're all about education and broadening the minds of the students here -- and making sure members of our organization are all properly fed.

We are most proud of the entirety of our executive team. They are fantastic; but even more than that, the volunteers we have really make these shows extra special. I can't be more proud of how well we all work together to bring the Center Stage Series to Luther!

It would be extremely difficult to choose one event that has been my favorite but if I had to pick just one, I think it would be "Intergalactic Nemesis" - if only because I'm a pretty big comic fan, and I loved their presentation!

If I had to describe PAC in three words they would be Smart, Classy, & Sassy <3 !

Students can easily see what PAC is about by coming to a show! Look for the official people wearing name tags and generally looking fabulous. They'll hook you up with the latest and greatest information about PAC. Looking for more? Try coming to our weekly Wednesday night meetings- we post about them on Facebook, so you should definitely look us up. Did I mention that we feed you?

I am so proud of this group and these people are my absolute favorite. We work, we play, we eat, we dance, and generally just have a good time. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join our merry band and learn a thing or two about 'running the show' and being a part of the center of it all.

Be sure to like our Luther Performing Arts Committee Facebook page!!


Your PAC President  (Britany Thorpe '16)


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