Diversity Representatives

Diversity Representatives for Race and Ethnicity

Filiberto Lopez-Garcia was born and raised in southern California in a small town named North Shore. He is the second of three children, he grew up in a Christian home which allowed him to become part of “Un Manantial en el Desierto” a Christian organization youth group. Filiberto is currently pursuing a degree in Business and Communication Studies.

Tolith Gidaga

Diversity Representative for Gender and Sexuality

Wyatt Anians has been an active member of equality organizations and is always helping to create a welcoming community. He came from a small town in Iowa. Wyatt currently serves as the Luther College PRIDE Secretary and is involved in Music here on campus. His experiences have led me to become a very open and accepting person. Don't be afraid to say "Hi."

Aaron Herman

Diversity Representative for Culture and Religion

Asha Aden

Rebecka Green