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SSS Workshop Series Continues

November 2012 (Monday, November 26, 2012)

SSS Workshop Series Continues

Friday, November 16, 2012

Alisa Schultz ‘14, Sarah Nicla ‘14 and Cheryl Wieseler presented eSsential Study Skills about when and where to study, using your learning style, managing study time, your notes and what to do with them and reading skills.  

Participants indicated they would apply concepts such as:

  • “For every hour spent in class, spend 2-3 hours outside of class studying or reviewing.”
  • “Trying to find my most productive time of day to study/do homework.”
  • “It is smart to break the habit of only studying at night that is retained from high school.”

eSsential Study Skills1    

Calvin Simmons ‘13 and Chivonne Marlow, along with a cast of characters, illustrated what can go wrong during the Students Gone Wild workshop.  Everybody gained an understanding of the “ripple effect” of how one poor decision can cause multiple negative consequences in the first skit.  The second skit examined the imbalance of over-studying or not studying at all through the schedules of two nursing students.  The final portion of the workshop allowed everyone a chance to prioritize their values and make good decisions based on those values.  

Participants indicated they would apply concepts such as:

  • “Balance in academics, sleep and fun.”
  • “Eat healthy and go to bed early.”
  • “Attend class no matter what.”

Chivonne also made available information about how alcohol can affect athletic performance.

2012 SSS graduate Kelsey (Kittleson) Millonig presented vital financial information in Finding and Winning Scholarships on November 15th.  Kelsey shared that she paid for nearly 80% of her college education with scholarships and financial aid.  She then outlined searching for scholarships, thinking like a judge, writing and submitting applications.  Kelsey included a wealth of information, which we have chosen to share on our Resources for Students section of the SSS webpage.  Scroll down to the subheading of Scholarships (finding & applying) and click on Finding and Winning Scholarships.

Participants shared they would apply such concepts as:

  • “Have the grunt work done before asking for a letter of recommendation.”
  • “Break down aspects of the scholarship to address the prompts the best way.”
  • “Write descriptive, memorable essays.”

Scholarship workshop2