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SSS Student Blog

  • Chad Sonka

    February 2012

    January 26, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Hello Fellow Students!

    My name is Chad Sonka and I am a senior music major here at Luther. When I think back over the past few years of my undergraduate education, I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself "If only I knew then what I know now." I'm not necessarily talking about book work or lecture notes; what I am talking about are the lessons you learn outside of the classroom. These are the lessons that help you succeed in becoming a more well-rounded person and student.

    One of those lessons that I wish I had learned earlier was talking frequently to your professors. As many of you may be first-year students, I completely understand that the transition into college life can be a little daunting. However, I promise you that your professors are not trying to add to your stress, especially at Luther. The work they assign you is absolutely essential to your educational success. What is great about the work those professors assign you is that they do everything in their power to make sure you succeed doing that work.

    So often though, students do not take them up on this offer. Most professors put their office hours, and even their cell phone numbers, on their syllabi on the first day of class. They have their schedule posted next to their office door and constantly remind you to stop in and get help if you need it. I urge you not to neglect your professors' offer! This is your education, and you're paying for it...why not pick the professor's brain while you can?!

    So here's to all those nervous Paideia, religion, bio, music, or undecided students who are feeling pressured right now. Relax a little, drink some hot cocoa*, and email your professor to set up a time to help you with your studies. I can only hope you realize how much they really CAN help you before I did!

     With love,
    Chad Sonka `12

     *available in the SSS office




  • Becca Rudquist

    January 2012

    December 15, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    Hello SSS students!

    This J-term, I will be at Holden Village out in Washington.  Because I will not be around to enjoy Luther J-term, I thought that I could give you a few fun things to put on your “to do” list.  J-term is a fun time to get to know new people and to spend lots of quality time with “old” friends.  Hope you are able to enjoy a few of these ideas, and feel free to create and share some of your own!

    • Intramurals
    • Broomball
    • Racquetball
    • Basketball
    • Indoor Soccer
    • Floor Hockey
    • Dodgeball
    • Texas Hold 'em Poker Night
    • Scooter Hockey Tournament
    • Traying down hill between Ylvi and Miller
    • Go cross country skiing (You can rent skis at the shop next to Whippy Dip)
    • Recreate your room into a fort
    • Go skating at the basketball court (to the right of the first stop sign you hit before going across the bridge on your way to Whippy Dip)
    • Cuddle up with friends and watch a movie
    • Take a walk down to Dunning's Spring
    • Get coffee or hot chocolate at Magpie Coffee House or Java John's
    • Learn to knit
    • Play snow football on the library lawn
    • Make sock puppets and host a puppet show
    • Teach your friends a unique talent of yours
    • Go to Goodwill and buy an ugly sweater to wear for the day
    • Make friendship bracelets
    • Speak in a British accent all day
    • Puffy paint something in your room that needs a little bit of color
    • Adopt a plant from Walmart
    • Have a Disney sing-along night in your room
    • Invite your friends over for a sleepover and put all of the mattresses on the floor


    Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have a wonderful time!  I cannot wait to hear about the different experiences that all of you will have.  Remember, even though you may not have as much class work, there is still plenty to do around Luther for fun!


    Becca Rudquist ‘14

    SSS Student and Mentor


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